Each product contains within itself the local tradition, history and culture  and the sacrifice of the men who made it. Stories rich in humanity that can seduce  and accompany us on a trip, maybe imaginary, to the remote reality of the history of these places,  when Cosenza was the Brutiorum Consentia, Montalto Uffugo was Tito Livio's Uffugium  and Cariglialto ... still had no name.

The legend tells of a noble warrior named Cariglio who found shelter beneath a big tree  at night since his soldiers, without command after a battle, dispersed.

 Upon waking up he found to be on a hill to the top of which stood a large and majestic oak and all around there was an expanse of olive trees and vines laden with ripe fruits.

That garden full of light and color gave new energy to the tired man who, after so many troubles,  decided to stop and dedicate to the cultivation of those plants, calling the whole area Cariglialto.


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