Montalto Uffugo, a pretty little town outside Cosenza, is located at 430 m.a.s.l, on a hill overlooking the valley below.
Place with renowned charm and history, Montalto Uffugo was probably founded by Ausonic peoples. The village plays a crucial role over the centuries: its sphere of influence  extended to Paola and Fuscaldo in Angevin era and its strategic importance  was strengthened in Norman era by building a fortress, of which only the tower remains now.  In June 1561 the village was the scene of a major massacre perpetrated by the Spaniards against the Waldenses, executed on the steps of the church of St. Francis of Paola. Montalto was also an important cultural center, just considering the "Accademia degli Inculti" founded in 1701, renowned throughout Europe, and  the famous composer Ruggero Leoncavallo's stay in the town  where he found the inspiration for its "Pagliacci."

Montalto has many architectural and artistic masterpieces: the majestic and beautiful cathedral dedicated to  Our Lady of the Sierras, the patron saint of the village, the churches of St. Francis of Paola, St. Dominic, St. Anthony, St. James, the chapel of St. Martin, the convents of St. Dominic, of the Capuchins, of Saint Clare and many impressive palaces. There is also a lively heritage of folk traditions which main expression is the "Carnevale Saraceno”.
 Moreover, the peculiarity of  flourishing local handicrafts as well as the authenticity of tasty food are  worthy of note. Finally, the presence in the immediate vicinity of  the Natural Park, a protected area of great interest, makes this little town even more attractive.




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